Intorez is providing the international standard professional courses which are comparable with the best courses provided by others across the country. Our professional web development course is perfect for the freelancers, SEO experts, students, job holders or others who wish and dream to be working in web development sectors onward.

Web Development consists of two segments: front end development and backend development. This front-end development is also known by the name Web design; as where all of these are different patterned development; defined in two different categories. Front-end Developers work with visual designs of a website and build the sites using code. They build the structure of a website using HTML, and then change the layout using CSS, PHP and sometimes using JavaScript too.
On the other note; a Back-end developer deals with more advanced issues. They work with API (Application Programming Interfaces), CGI programs and sometimes script like PHP. Websites functionality is their main concern.

Career opportunity:

There are a lot of possible job opportunities for the software developers, designers who will complete the course. Completing the course and handling all project works, it is possible for students to build one strong portfolio and can apply for jobs that are open for recruitment. It is possible both in local and international marketplaces. And our job placement cell will be there with all the supports, guidelines and grooming sessions for students. Thus it will help them to get confidence and flourish in the digital arena.