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software development company in Bangladesh? You can always choose our software development services.

In today’s world, Software Development Companies operate on several business models. They frequently produce various kinds of software. These software’s are based on customer demands. The majority of companies in the world have started to use tailor-made software. This software helps them to meet their specific needs.

Globalization comes together with many technological improvements. This results from the need for organizations to expand their business.  Businesses have started to operate globally. This expansion comes along with an increase in the amount of data. This data needs to be managed. This results in the necessity to manage all of that information successfully. That is where you need a reliable name or software development company to make the job easy. Intorez Ltd can be a reliable software development company for your business.

Why choose Intorez Ltd. for Software Development Service?

Intorez Ltd. is undoubtedly the best one to select among other software development companies. This is due to its passion for productivity. We like simplicity and gorgeous design.  When You select Intorez Ltd., you receive a committed team of creative minds. We have determination and individuals who have efficiency in problem-solving. Intorez Ltd. handles every software like it’s our very own. We sweat every detail and are not satisfied until it’s just perfect.  We think we’re great at what we do. This is because we’ve got the four components for software development that is amazing and just perfect.

These four components are :

software development


We love software development. It is as straightforward as that. That love arises from the fire to make something amazing. And this fire gives us the power that compels us to create world-class software.



We’re not merely a place where the software gets made. We see our workspace as a location for solving problems. It is a place for pleasure and imagination. We love crafting software which are as easy to use as they are fantastic to look at. Our culture is very open and with no hierarchy.



Our specialized team has over 10 years of software development expertise. We’re a very mixed group with experience. This experience ranges from device driver improvements to design sheets. On the tech preference front, we are equally diverse. We use Java, .NET to Objective C to C++ with occasional dips into something more unusual.



We’re the leaders of software creation. Everything is likely to change. That is why we’re ready for this shift. We love to grow with tiny steps. We provide our customers with constant demos. They can provide us with comments at every stage.

All Our Software Development Services

Our software teams help our clients build customized software. We make almost any kind of software from web-based to desktop-based to mobile and beyond.
Our culture helps us maintain our abilities.  we make sure and guarantee that we’re always at the top of recent developments.
We’ve been building software for a variety of businesses since 2016. We’ve worked together with many technology platforms. We also have collaborated with numerous teams within these years.
Our development station is based in Bangladesh. This makes our prices less than 30% of comparable service prices from the West.

The types of software that we develop are:
  • Web Application Software
  • HR management system
  • Inventory Management 
  • ERP Software
  • Mobile App Development
  • School Management System
  • Result Management  System
  • Others Software clients Requirements.
We use a massive variety of languages for developing all kinds of software. We also make software with our client's programming language preference. Some of the languages that we use are:
  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • .NET (Framework)
  • JAVA
  • PHP(core PHP, Codeigniter, Laravel)
  • Kotlin
  • Visual Basic
  • SQL
  • My SQL
  • MariaDB